Plugin is a site that provides a variety of widgets with different styles as needed for blogger platforms. All widgets in this site are given for free to bloggers, free to modify whether it changes its color or style.

Most widgets are homemade and there are some that are inspired by widgets that already exist from other templates but have been modified, as a form of appreciation we give credit on widgets that we take inspiration from some websites or templates.

the code from the widgets on this site has been adjusted to the code in well-known templates such as Viomagz, Fletro, Igniplex and so on according to the request from the user.

Why you created Plugin?

At first this site was only intended as a demo of some articles about blogger that I made such as ''Tutorial on making safelink' and others. But lately I thought how if this site was developed more professionally, it would be very beneficial for me personally and would definitely be very helpful for bloggers, especially those who are still learning blogging.

Therefore, I redesigned this site with a simpler (minimalist) but still informative theme.

Let's just say this site is my playground to improve my skills and experience, the main thing that decided me to create this site is 'if I can direct users to stay on my site, why should I write my code in codepen?'

Can users request certain widgets for their blog?

Of course! besides I am busy with work and this makes my time to write or create widgets less, but it will be different if someone directly asks me to make them a particular widget.

Please click the 'Request' link on the menu to request a specific widget tutorial to me.